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Awei ES-770I Wired Gaming

Awei ES-770I Wired Gaming

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Awei ES-770I Wired Gaming

Headphones 3.5mm Plug Gamer Laptop Headset Surround Sound with Mic for PC Computer 50MM Driver Earbuds


1. Bass effects: precise sound positioning, immersive body;

2. The game atmosphere light: the game is more sensible;

3.50mm large unit: big sound field, high analysis;

4. Rotate full point to the microphone: ergonomic design;

5. Multifunctional line control: simple operation, free driver;

6. Lightweight design: comfortable to wear, not tired for a long time


Microphone φ6050/-42 ± 3db /2.2k/20Hz-16kHz (full direction) The speaker φ50mm 20Ω/20Hz-20kHz (dynamic circular) Output power 20MW (1kHz 0dB) Signal ratio> 110db Far degree <1%(1kHz 0db) Use range computer/laptop computer, etc. Work temperature -10-55 ℃ Work current is about 90mA Input voltage USB 5V Dimensions 200.5*155*210mm Cable length 2100 ± 50mm Net weight is about 321g Bringing head wired game headset color: black

Line control color: black

Wire -control box operation description:

1. Macing mute key: you can control the mute of the microphone; 2. Volume increase and subtraction: dial wheel tuners, the volume can be controlled by rotating wheels

3. Lighting switch Key: control the headset LED light board

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