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Loud N Clear are specialized in audio-visual equipment ranging from professional and installation speakers to microphones and studio recording while also serving Home Automation, IPTV solutions & data networks solutions, wired and wireless.

We complement it with turnkey projects, starting with design, installation and after-sales services fully ensuring customers’ satisfaction and quality.

We are the authorized distributor in Jordan of the American Audio manufacturer Mackie along with several other leading brands in the AV domain.

  • Professional Audio

    Professional Audio ranging from Studio recording equipment, monitors to PA, Live Sound, Mixers.

    Whether you're setting up sound systems for events, venues, or commercial spaces, our team delivers customized solutions tailored to your needs.

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  • Home Audio

    Explore professional Indoor & Outdoor audio installation services for your home or business.

    From setting up stereo systems to installing surround sound setups, our experts ensure optimal performance and seamless integration.

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  • Home Theater Setup

    Transform your space into a cinematic haven with our home theater setup services.

    Our experienced technicians handle everything from speaker placement to wiring and calibration, delivering a premium audio-visual experience.

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  • Wireless Networking

    Ensure seamless connectivity throughout your home or business with our wireless networking services.

    From router installation to optimizing Wi-Fi coverage, our experts ensure reliable and high-speed internet access in every corner.

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  • Video Displays

    Enhance your managed viewing experience with expert video display installation services & control.

    Whether you're installing LED TVs or projectors, our team ensures precise setup and calibration for stunning visuals.

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  • Smart Home Integration

    Embrace the future of smart living with our smart home integration services.

    From integrating audio, video, and Wi-Fi devices to setting up voice-controlled automation, we bring convenience and connectivity to your fingertips.

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  • Security & Surveillance

    Ensure the safety and security of your property with our surveillance and CCTV installation services.

    Our expert technicians design and install custom surveillance systems tailored to your specific needs and budget. From residential homes to commercial properties, we provide comprehensive coverage and advanced monitoring solutions

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  • Conference Rooms

    Elevate your meetings and presentations with our conference audio solutions.

    From boardrooms to auditoriums, our expert team specializes in designing and installing audio systems that ensure crystal-clear sound quality and seamless communication.

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  • Audio/Video Accessories

    Enhance your audio-visual setup with our selection of high-quality accessories. From HDMI cables to speaker mounts, we offer a range of accessories to optimize performance and convenience. Elevate your installation with the right accessories for a flawless audio-visual experience.

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